4 reasons to get excited for Whistler

The famous Stanley Park startline in Vancouver

Holy moly, it’s one month to go until RBC GranFondo Whistler.

With the big event this year taking place on September 8, here’s 4 reasons why we’re getting excited for 2018’s edition.

1. Traffic, be-gone!
We love riding the Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler, but it’s just not the same with vehicles and emissions the whole way. We’re privileged to be the only event that offers a traffic free experience from Vancouver all the way up. And after September 8, we’ll all have to wait a whole 365 days to do it again. Carpe to that diem!

2. All the new stuff!
– In 2018, there’s a whole load of new additions to get pumped about. For the first time in RBC GranFondo Whistler history, the 55km Medio will both start and finish along the famous finish zone in Whistler. With a unique route, dedicated rest stop and controlled speeds, it’s perfect for those looking to get more involved in cycling.
– Next, we’ve got the Classics category. Open to your bikes built from 1987 and before, this is a challenge to do away with those fancy electronic shifters and ride the way things used to be. We can’t wait to see those steel frames grouped together on the startline before taking on the 122km ride.
– Did we say teams? 2018 is the year of the team, with the completely revamped St. Regis Cup being introduced. Open to mixed / women’s & men’s teams that make the qualifying grade, the very best will be doing battle in place of the individual’s Giro. (Don’t worry, the Team Challenge is still happening with shiny Jukebox certificates to be won. Unlike the St. Regis Cup, the Team Challenge is the one for you if you don’t want to hit a qualifying time).

3. Helicopters!
This year there have never been more transport options to get up and down to Whistler, and one of them is by Helijet. You might not know that the crew who oversees this event flies from Stanley Park after the startgun to be at our Command Centre in Whistler (we have to race the fast guys!). So we thought, it’s going up anyway, why not let the riders fly back on the same bird? In 2018, you can book a helicopter back to Vancouver – at time of writing, there’s only 8 seats left. Pretty cool.
Otherwise, take advantage of our big fleet of passenger and bike transportation, including bookable free parking at lululemon headquarters, Vancouver (Kitsilano). We’ve even thrown in free bus travel in Whistler all weekend!

4. Rentals and extra bike service.
Sure we offer full bike mechanical support both roving and at all rest stops, but that’s specifically for the day of the event. New this year, we’ve added rental and logistics partner Raceday Transport who can not only give you a temporary shiny rental steed, but also ship your pride and beauty if you’re coming from further afar. Check out the Bike Services part of our website for more.

We’ll see you at the startline!

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