Be a better biker – for free!

TaG Cycling and RBC GranFondo are providing even more opportunities to train towards hitting your cycling goals.

While we are still in this uncertain and challenging time there is nothing better than checking in and riding with fellow cyclists and feel the energy and optimism to keep our spirits high. TaG Cycling is driven by the 2010 founding riders and Olympic cyclists who know how important it is to keep some focus and positive energy; for mind and body!

Join TaG for a whole month of free virtual online training every 7-8am PT every Tuesday and Thursday morning!

TaG cycling logoTrain with TaG

Online classes start May 12, 2020 7am PT and will be held each Tuesday and Thursday through June 4, 7-8am PT.

Classes are free and can be joined on any indoor bike system including smart trainers, basic trainer and rollers. Use a space that has wifi and some air. You can join with any connected laptop, ipad, tablet or your phone. We ask that you join with your device 10 mins in advance to ensure we can do sound checks.

TaG cycling club atop the RBC GranFondo Whistler podium in 2019

TaG on the RBC GranFondo Whistler podium in 2019. Photo: Tammy Brimner

What to expect from a live TaG Cycling/GranFondo Class?

TaG have identified specific elements of the route and created a workout that will introduce you to the physical and mental components that you can expect. At all levels the introduction to the type of effort is as important as the knowledge that it is coming. Anxiousness reduced!

• Warmup and technical drills to prepare for the course “menu”
• A “feature specific” course workout that we have determined as key to having a great experience and no surprises
• Intervals are related to power and to perceived effort and cadence or RPM that you will be guided through
• We will share proper riding cues and coach you through the 60 mins. You will get more than just a sweat. The focus is to make you a better cyclist
• How does this happen indoors you say? Join us to see!

TaG rides are meant for all levels and abilities. Most importantly now, more than ever, is the emphasis on building camaraderie, challenging ourselves and staying connected.

Visit: TaG Cycling’s website
TaG also has a library of FREE videos for training on TaG_Cycling’s YouTube channel.

How to join and book

Sign up is available on the website: book now and add yourself to 1 or all 8 classes.

New to TaG Cycling? Follow the prompts to add your contact information so we will send you a link to the LIVE classes.

• You will receive an invitation link to join the class 1 hr before the start
• The link will include a workout outline and suggested music playlist
• Please mute your mic when the class starts.
• You can use the chat feature to communicate if you have questions during the workout
• Use of headphones or earbuds are recommended.
• Sign on using the link 10 mins before class.
• Riders will stay muted to ensure direction can be heard, and also as multiple devices will cause feedback when you are not muted.

Meet your coach

Lesley Tomlinson is a 2 time cycling Olympian and the founder of the coaching company TaG Cycling. 10 years ago there was a huge increase in new cyclists with the emergence of North American Gran Fondo events. There was a call from a group of brand new cyclists looking to train for their first RBC GranFondo Whistler. With the help of 2 Olympic teammates, she formed a company to help people learn to be safe, prepared, and capable as quickly as possible – in time for that first Fondo!

“For decades I have ridden this beautiful route in training for my pursuit of cycling goals. What a treat to enjoy the ride with the support and road closures provided by the RBC GranFondo Whistler. I am thrilled to share it with thousands of new riders freshly embracing the sport. In this present challenging time, we will bring the training to you at home. Using the course specifics, we will train you to be physically and mentally prepared to have a great day. Whether it’s for your first or your fastest, join me for 4 weeks of training and learning details and insights into the course.

“As professional athletes we know never to underestimate proper preparation.”

Lesley Tomlinson
Founder of TaG Cycling


Class sign up is available on the website: book now and add yourself to 1 or all 8 classes.