Claim your free bike fit from MyVeloFit

As a rider of RBC GranFondo Whistler 2022, MyVeloFit are giving you a free virtual bike fit worth $45!

All you need is your phone and a free standing bike such as your indoor setup or spin bike.


MyVeloFit logoMyVeloFit believes that everyone deserves to be comfortable on their bike, and should have easy access to the tools and information to make that a reality.

Drawing on over a decade of professional bike fit experience, MyVeloFit puts the power of professional bike fit into the palm of every rider’s hand to deliver detailed, accurate, video based fitting with no specialized tools, equipment or knowledge. With any mobile device and a bike trainer, cyclists can now find a great position on their bike from anywhere, anytime.

MyVeloFit’s AI-based motion capture bike fit technology lets you turn your phone and training space at home into your personal bike fit studio. Taking your riding experience, fit goals and mobility into account, MyVeloFit will provide personalized recommendations for how to find your best position on the bike.

Getting ready for a big ride isn’t just about putting in the training miles, but making sure your body is in the right position to feel good the whole time.   

As the Official Bike Fit Sponsor of RBC GranFondo Whistler, every registrant will be getting a complimentary Enthusiast fit plan from MyVeloFit to help get their position dialed in for the big day.

Register for the 2022 event now and you’ll receive your code for an Enthusiast fit + instructions in your confirmation email.

Already registered? Codes will be emailed to you around the 1st week of May!