Give a gift, get a gift

Cyclists sharing finish line smiles

At this time of year, buying for the cyclist in your life can be far from easy. There’s so many gizmos, clothing options, expensive components and more that it can be hard to work out what’s actually going to mean something and make a difference.

We say, give them what they actually want. And what’s that you ask? Simple, give them cycling.

This year, give your loved ones and friends gift entry to an RBC GranFondo event. They’ll keep active, meet new friends and if all that wasn’t enough, experience one of the best cycling events in the world.

Conveniently, we’ll send you a certificate and code by email instantly on purchase. No lineups, no last minute panic, no guessing over endless choices.

All you’ll need to do is look forward to seeing their smile beam out as they cross the finish line over their distance category of choice.

You’ll get 10% off entry

Is there anything in it for me? Well, we’re glad you asked.

As if the giving feeling doesn’t give you a warm enough glow already, it’s still nice to get something for yourself too.

When you purchase gift entry, we’ll send you a code to get 10% off your own registration for either RBC GranFondo Whistler or Silicon Valley 2019, depending on the event you bought gift entry for.

Riding with friends or loved ones and saving money at the same time? Sounds pretty merry to us.

Your 10% off code is valid until December 31 at 23:59 PST.