Target Zero Waste

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There are a lot of things that we can learn from riding together that we can take into our day-to-day lives. We communicate hazards, we put our energy towards team goals instead of our own and we do our best to help each other stay safe. At RBC GranFondo we’re taking these core cycling skills and are applying them to our environmental policies and procedures because there are two things that we know for sure:

1.We’re all riding on the same road and we can always do better.

2.Our event relies on the natural beauty of British Columbia and we will do everything we can to maintain and improve it.

Because of this, we are bringing the “Target Zero Waste” strategy.  Here is a snapshot of some of the things we are doing this year.

  • Zero Waste – in 2019 our event will be going for our zero waste designation. We work very closely with our Waste Management Partner AWARE. AWARE is a member-driven charity, which handles all the waste management from start to finish, with their help we have tracked our waste and identified key areas where we can make improvements. In 2019 we are on track to not only meet the requirements for a Zero Waste event but to exceed them.
  • Product Selection and Purchasing Guidelines – Over the 10-years of the RBC GranFondo Whistler, we have made some fantastic connections all over the world to bring high-quality swag and merchandise items to enhance the rider experience. With these relationships, we are able to work closely with our suppliers to bring their practices in line with our own environmental policy. We have reduced packaging by up to 90% in some cases and have moved our timelines back to make sure no items being brought in from overseas need to be flown in.
  • Transportation Options – Working with various partners we have built out our transportation options, which means you can ride the GranFondo and get you and your bike home without your car.
  • Virtual Event Bag – From your rider’s guide to the great deals you can grab at our Velospoke Bike Expo, we are working to make sure that digital copies are available. So you can avoid the paper and keep all that information in your pocket.
  • No plastic or paper cups – Every year we have produced a new water bottle for the event, this isn’t just so you can accessorise your bike. By ensuring all riders have a bottle we can eliminate all other cups from our course.
  • Optional ‘green pledge’ during registration –  we’re encouraging riders to take a green pledge, indicating their willingness to avoid littering, peeing in bushes, and generally following the ‘leave no trace’ initiative.

We’d like to thank and encourage all of our riders, suppliers, and partners to keep up the good efforts. We can only do this if we all pull together. If you are riding the event this year we encourage you and your party to join this cause by minimising waste.