St. Regis Cup: unique in 2020

You’ll want to pay attention to this.

The St. Regis Cup teams competition stays for 2020, but this year we have something very special happening. With the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships being an individuals event, we want to maintain the spirit of the team’s competition in the Gran Fondo.

This year, the St. Regis Cup for teams is open specifically to participants registered in RBC GranFondo Whistler – people like you. The UCI Gran Fondo World Champs is a separate event and will start 2 hours before, so your riding experience will not be impacted.

The St. Regis Cup will be the first wave across the line at RBC GranFondo Whistler, followed by the Alta Classe wave. The size of the starting waves will be controlled to be smaller & therefore safer.

Get your team of 5-8 riders together, train hard and more than any other year you’ll have a real chance to experience that unforgettable podium feeling – complete with awesome prizes for the top 3 teams across mixed / women’s and men’s categories!