Whistler youth pricing extended to U23

Medals hang at RBC GranFondo Whistler waiting for victorious riders

Back in early March, we took the decision to update our $75 RBC GranFondo Silicon Valley youth pricing policy to include under 23 riders, up from the previous mark of under 19.

We are happy to announce that RBC GranFondo Whistler will now be adopting the same policy with immediate effect.

Our $75 youth pricing policy was originally developed with the intention to encourage more young riders into the sport of cycling, and provide an opportunity to experience a world-class cycling event with low barriers to entry. That was 2010, 10 years ago.

Since then, road cycling in BC has flourished. Boosted by the City of Vancouver’s and Resort Munipicality of Whistler’s investment in safe cycling, as well as the catalyzing effects of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, the sport and activity of cycling has never been stronger in the province.

With a whole new generation growing up in this active, two wheeled culture, the demand for high quality events across younger demographics has also risen. Our events are priced in relation to the operating costs of staging them, which in Whistler’s case in particular comes from the dedicated traffic free lane all the way from Vancouver to Whistler, as well as the temporary closing of the Lions Gate Bridge. That being said, we also feel it’s important to protect the entry process into cycling for our kids and younger adults, and it is this belief that has underpinned the changes to our youth pricing policies.

Going forwards, any rider aged under 23 on the day of event will automatically qualify for only $75 entry to our Gran Fondo events.

If you’re lucky enough to be under 23 , simply create an account with Race Roster: RaceRoster Account, and the lower entry price will be instantly applied.

Event stakeholder partners

Support youth riding with Cycling BC

RBC GranFondo Whistler and the Royal Bank of Canada is committed to making meaningful and positive contributions to the communities where we live and work. In an effort to support our future generation of leaders, we invest in youth-serving organizations that provide kids with the support and tools necessary for them to achieve their full potential.

As part of this commitment, we are thrilled that our RBC GranFondo Whistler participants will have the ability to voluntarily donate to or fundraise for Cycling BC’s iRide Program which is designed to help young people gain confidence through sport-specific skills and explore the world of cycling with their friends.

Cycling BC’s iRide youth cycling program teaches cycling skills, safety awareness, and inspires young riders to lead healthy active lifestyles. As an official community partner of the RBC GranFondo Whistler, Cycling BC has been able to deliver youth cycling programs to nearly 10,000 kids each year.

Free kids activities at the ‘Fondo – iRide Expo

For families and with the help of Cycling BC, we bring the iRide Expo to RBC GranFondo Whistler.

What? Fun activities on bikes for kids
When? Saturday Sept 7, 10am-12pm (during RBC GranFondo Whistler)
Where? Lot 4, Whistler
Cost? Free

Through group activities lead by qualified coaches, iRide seeks to increase knowledge about bike safety, develops smart decision making skills, and inspires children to gain riding skills while increasing their fitness level. During the Gran Fondo, encourage your kids to take part in this free family friendly activity.

Learn more about the free iRide Expo

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