Road to the UCI World Championships

2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships & 2019 Qualifiers

The world is coming

In 2018, RBC GranFondo Whistler won the rights to hold the UCI World Gran Fondo Championships in North America for the first time.

The Championships are a prestigious event where all amateurs can compete for the right to wear the famous Rainbow Jersey – showing everyone you’re the World Champion. Even better, you can win this jersey across each 5-year age category for both men and women, giving you a real shot at the glory.

What's happening?

The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships are the pinnacle of Gran Fondo competition. The event is run each year in different locations between local organisers and the UCI – cycling’s world governing body, attracting cyclists from around the world.

The road to 2020 begins now. Both the 2020 Championships and the 2019 qualifiers take place on the same established RBC GranFondo Whistler course.

In 2019, the top 25% of each 5-year age group will qualify for the 2020 World Champs. And then in 2020, the race to be 1st is on!

Open to all

You don’t need a license or to be a pro to take part – everyone can attempt to qualify.

Start your training early to get an advantage on your age group. In 2020, you have a shot at being crowned World Champion.

The path to greatness starts now

Register for 2019

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