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Achieve your optimal performance with the precision of a DXA Body scan. 

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Get Race Ready: DXA scans are the health tool for success

“When clients have a clear picture of their make-up, they can target efforts and streamline their path to health,” says Ken Leggatt, CEO at Bodycomp Imaging. “Having a visual representation is key to helping people celebrate success and stay motivated on their athletic journey.”

DXA scanning produces a huge amount of accurate data to allow for precise planning and setting achievable goals. It highlights key areas in the body that need attention to achieve better performance and health. This also helps to motivate and track progress as little as a 1% change by revealing muscle growth, improved strength, fat-loss, weight-loss, and successful rehabilitation over a period of time.

Improving our performance can be much simpler when we have all the information, and that’s the advantage of data provided by DEXA (DXA) scans from Bodycomp Imaging

“Athletes optimize their performance through enhanced knowledge about their body, inside and out. “The scans can be used to identify physical progress, weaknesses in the body, to identify limbs that are causing injury, and to give you the ability to prevent or correct injury.” 

“Most people don’t realize just how quick, safe, and affordable these procedures are – the scanners use a process called x-ray absorptiometry, not to be confused with x-ray, which produces very low radiation. 

“They are open to the public with no reference required, and prices start between $150 and $250.” 

The skilled team at Bodycomp will review the scan data immediately after the session and help to define key areas for you to work on. Each booking is up to one hour long and includes the scan, interpretation of the results, and suggestions for an actionable plan for lifestyle changes that will help you reach your goals. 

All of this adds up to give people a powerful set of tools, whether to optimize athletic performance, address specific health challenges or simply attain better overall health management! 


Your questions answered

Jevitty Bodycomp scanner

What is DXA? Is it safe?

A visualization of health, DXA (or Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scans are considered the gold standard in body composition measurements of whole body fat, muscle, and bone mass.

Through a device known as a Hologic DXA scanner, the process of x-ray absorptiometry captures an image of the full body while measuring the amount of tissue per pixel, with the scan results accurate up to 98.5 per cent.

A DXA scan is safe to conduct with low radiation, with the DXA reading being a non-enclosed experience that allows the client to be comfortable and fully clothed, unlike other anxiety-inducing scans.


How does a body composition scan work? I want to know what I’m getting myself into!

Safe, quick, and painless, a total body scan takes only 7 minutes. The DXA scanner makes a series of 7 passes over your body, with two distinct x-ray energies passing through the tissues of the body to generate a map of your body’s fat, lean, and bone mineral content per pixel.


What does a body composition scan measure and calculate?

Able to tell the difference between healthy lean tissue and excessive body fat, a body composition scan can tell you how much fat, muscle, and bone — the three components that make up your total weight — your body is composed of. With these percentages, your body fat, muscle mass, and bone density ratio is determined.

A body imaging scan also calculates other important components, such as how many calories your body burns per day based upon your muscle mass and activity level. It is also the only way to determine how much visceral fat is in your abdomen — one of several key indicators identified by DXA that cannot be estimated by any other means. 


What do I get with a body composition scan?

A completed scan produces a detailed image of the body and a summary of its components. The x-ray image scan breaks down the grams of fat, muscle, and bone tissue for the entire body, as well as per arm, leg, and torso, and the percent body fat for the entire body, as well as for individual sub-regions. 

To provide a full analysis of the data, a technologist will use the scan to form additional assessments, such as estimating your resting metabolic rate based on your lean tissue mass. This data will help you formulate a macronutrient-based nutrition plan based on your personal caloric requirements to manage your weight, lose fat, and/or increase muscle mass. 

Technologists may also check for lean mass symmetry in the limbs for injury prevention, and compare the proportion of percent fat in the abdominal region with total body fat to reduce health risks.

Trusted by health professionals, a body composition scan provides key metrics that enable the implementation of lifestyle modifications for greater health and longevity, allowing you to intervene with confidence.

To build upon the baseline provided through the initial reading, routine scans are recommended every three to six months. Follow up scans will allow you to monitor your progress and see how your body is adapting to your lifestyle changes.

With Bodycomp, a paper hardcopy and digital copy of your whole body composition image and scan results are provided to clients post-scan. You will also have unlimited access to your Bodycomp scan through the Jevitty app, so you can review your data, wherever you are.

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