Cookies for everyone! A GranFondo super supporter bakes with love

Steph Corker is a genuine gem of a human being. An accomplished athlete in her own right (16x Ironman finishes with 3x Kona qualifications!), on Fondo day, Steph makes it her mission to give back to the community.

Last year, on her own dime and without telling us, she decided to bake up a batch of delicious cookies (1300 to be precise), and then hand them out to riders at her popup ‘Corker Cookie Corner’.

After running out in only half an hour, Steph vowed to come back even stronger this year. Now, after 50 hours of preparation stretching over 5 weeks, she’s putting the finishing touches to 5000 cookies for riders this year, allowing every cyclist who passes her cheerzone to receive a delicious boost of energy for the final push to the finish line.

Not only has she inspired the love of local riders from Vancouver to Whistler but she’s attracted a whole cheer squad including cheerleaders, music and motivational signs to keep the Fondo riders moving to their final destination.

When pushed about what it would cost to bake 5,000 cookies, her heartfelt answer was, “love is free”.