Refund Policy

Event Cancellation

If circumstances require that the entire or a portion of the event is cancelled or changed for reasons such as but not limited to extreme weather, fire, poor air quality, landslide, revoked permits, protest, demonstrations, accidents, terrorist incidents, health emergencies or health decries, etc., no refunds will be processed to the participant.

Not completing the event

If circumstances where an individual is involved in an accident or mechanical that limits or completely hinders their ability to finish, no refunds will be processed to the participant.

Deferral Policy

Participants can now defer their 2020 entry to the following year (2021 RBC GranFondo Silicon Valley) in the event of an injury or scheduling conflict. It is important to note that this policy is only in effect until June 8, 2020, at 9:00, am (PST) and ALL deferrals must be made before that date. After this point, we will have applied for all permits, purchased all event materials and confirmed catering numbers meaning that we have committed all registrations to the event, with no possibility of getting these funds back. The cost for deferring an entry is $100* + tax and processing fees. Contact Athlete Relations at [email protected] for details.

*Volunteer to Reduce Deferral Fee by Half!*

Participants who are looking to defer their registration can have half ($50) of their fee waived by volunteering during the event. The volunteer position will be determined with the Volunteer Team and will be chosen to adapt to the needs of both the participant and the event.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Athlete Relations at [email protected]. They will coordinate the transfer fee of $50 +tax and processing, as well as registration for the volunteer position.

This way you still get to be a part of the event and help out your fellow riders accomplish their ride.

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