On-course Support

Roving mechanics, medical care, super-accurate timing and photographers capturing your eternal smiles

Rest stops

There are 5 rest stops on the main Sea to Sky course, with an additional water stop at the top of Cypress (Forte) and a Medio-only full service stop at the turnaround point on Callaghan.

These stops are Horseshoe Bay, Britannia Beach, Alice Lake, Salt Shed and Brandywine. See the course maps here.

Expect a unique celebratory theme at each rest stop, with all running at a surplus of high quality nutrition / hydration and real food. We don’t just want you to replenish at rest stops, we want you to move on motivated.

F2C Nutrition will be providing athlete hydration at all rest stops (Glyco-Durance) and recovery at the finish line with protein options also suitable for vegans. Hornby Organic will be providing athlete energy bars at all rest stops (dairy, soy and gluten free).

Other food and drink options are available at rest stops, which are outlined in our nutrition guide created in partnership with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

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If you need mechanical support on event day, Velofix mechanics will be available at the start line for minor issues, at the Rest Stops for major repairs, and roving on bicycles to help fix flats or do minor repairs on the go. Please note that larger parts will need to be paid for so bring cash or a credit card with you just in case.




Medical personnel will be stationed at the Start and Finish areas, on motorcycles roaming along the course and at all Rest Stops. Furthermore, our Medical Response Plan is extensive as your safety and care is our top priority.

In the case of an emergency requiring immediate medical attention dial 9-1-1


Professional timing services are being supplied by RaceDay Timing. They will use Chronotrack B-Tags, a proven technology for cycling event timing. The timing mechanism will be affixed to the back of the bike plate so make sure not to damage or bend yours. Please listen to the instructions for how to fix your bike plate to your bike when it’s given to you at package pickup. Results will be posted live on the website.

IMPORTANT: When attaching the bike plate to your bike, it’s VERY important to NOT bend the timing chips. Keep the bike plate as flat as possible and do not bend or fold the bike plate, otherwise you may break the timing chip and you will not receive an official time.


Be sure to smile for the cameras. Marathon Photos photographers will be positioned along the route taking stunning action photographs of every participant. Photos are available for purchase after the event.

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