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What are your cycling goals? Let's make them happen

Physical or virtual training programs to match your goals

Whether you’re looking to get fitter, refine your power output or take on a new sport, we’ve got a 10 week cycling program to help you reach your goal.

We’re partnered with SportMedBC, creators of the hugely successful InTraining running program, who will be providing specialist cycling knowledge and supporting our friendly expert coaches.

Simply choose your cycling level – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced and opt-in to whether you want free weekly newsletter support including coaching tips, explainers and more.

Clinics start week beginning July 19, 2023 (with a downtown Vancouver kickoff party the week prior).


  • Registration open soon


Kickoff party!

Clinic participants, friends and those who are curious about the program are invited to an informal kickoff party at the St. Regis Bar and Grill, downtown Vancouver!

Enjoy the bar, a selection of appies and a welcome from our program leaders and coaches. You’ll get to meet fellow clinic participants as well as be able to ask any and all questions you may have.

What: Clinics kickoff party!

When: Mid-June, exact date TBC

Where: St. Regis Bar and Grill, 608 Dunsmuir St Vancouver

Cost: Free!

The options:


1. Beginner

Start riding safely and comfortably with the ultimate goal being fit to ride a Gran Fondo distance. When events return, you’ll be ready to go!

Suitable for beginners. All levels of fitness welcome.


2. Women’s

Suitable for beginners / intermediates (new Intermediate Clinic for 2020) – when the clinics run in-person, we offer a women’s-only clinic. 


3. Intermediate

Beginner Clinic graduate? Already conquered a Fondo? Improve your riding prowess and challenge your personal best.

Suitable for intermediate riders. Average fitness levels and up recommended / you can ride a bike for over 60km already.


4. Advanced

Have skills and fitness beyond intermediate? Looking for that epic strava ride to impress your buddies?

Suitable for confident cyclists who have done structured training in the past. Above average fitness recommended / have ridden 100km.


  • Registration open soon

Physical clinic locations (2022 options for reference)

2023 locations to be confirmed shortly.

Ability Area Location Day Time
Beginner Vancouver Stanley Park Wed 6.30PM
Beginner Port Coquitlam Trek Store Wed 6.00PM
Beginner Burnaby Scotia Barn Tue 6:30PM
Beginner Richmond Olympic Oval Mon 6:30PM
(Women’s) Beginner Maple Ridge Trek Store Tue 6.30PM
NEW (Women’s) Beginner Squamish Brennan Park Wed 5:30PM
NEW (Women’s) Beginner Richmond Richmond Oval Mon 6.30PM
(Women’s) Beginner / Intermediate Vancouver Locarno Beach Tue 6.00PM
NEW (Women’s) Intermediate Richmond Richmond Oval Mon 6:30PM
NEW (Women’s) Intermediate Squamish Brenna Park Wed 5:30PM
Intermediate Burnaby Burnaby Lake Tue 6.00PM
Intermediate Richmond Olympic Oval Mon 6.30PM
Intermediate UBC Thunderbird Stadium Mon 6.00PM
Intermediate Port Moody Rec Centre Tue 6.00PM
NEW Intermediate Richmond Canada Line Bikeway Mon 6:00PM
Intermediate Vancouver Stanley Park Tue 6:00PM
Advanced Vancouver Stanley Park Tue 6:00PM
NEW Advanced Richmond Canada Line Bikeway Mon 6:00PM

What’s included in the program


  • 90 min program x 12 weeks
  • Detailed training plans and practice exercises
  • Weekly support email from SportMedBC to help guide you through the program
  • Coach tips and virtual check ins
  • & lots of surprises!


Frequently asked questions

Who are the clinics for?

Great question. In short – anyone looking to get into or get more out of cycling.

If you’ve never ridden a Gran Fondo before – the Beginner clinics / program is designed to get you ready and fit enough to take on bigger rides.

If you’ve ridden one or more Gran Fondos before, we offer Intermediate or Advanced clinics / programs that will boost your technique and help improve your  time.

What fitness level do I need?

Beginner: all levels welcome with no experience necessary. The beginner clinics are also designed to boost your confidence riding a bike.

Intermediate: We recommend that you can comfortably ride a bike for 60km already.

Advanced: You should have done a few Gran Fondos already, can ride 100km, and are looking to improve your performance at Whistler GranFondo.


Do I need to own a bike?

Yes, we don’t provide you with a bike.

If you’re looking to buy, we provide a list of bike store recommendations on our bike services page.

How long is the program and each session?

It’s a 12 week program.

SportMedBC are offering a free weekly support newsletter that will guide you through the program.

Sessions will last for approx 90 minutes each week.

How many people will be in a clinic?

The maximum size for a physical clinic will not exceed 20.


What kit should I wear?

Not sure what you should be wearing when training or riding the Gran Fondo? No problem.

We recommend heading to your nearest local bike shop to ask for their advice for shorts, shoes, jackets etc. You’ll also get the chance to meet your clinic leader and get their recommendations at the kick-off night social in downtown Vancouver.

How do I register for the program?
  • Registration will be open shortly
See the programs in detail

SportMedBC have prepared an info sheet for you that shows what to expect from the clinics in detail.

Got a question you don't see the answer to?

Nice, we love questions!

Please send all your clinic related questions to [email protected], and SportMedBC will do their best to put you in the know!


Option Virtual Physical
Beginner Clinic $110 $330
Intermediate Clinic $110 $330
Advanced Clinic $110 $330


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