Refund Policy

Event Cancellation

If circumstances require that the entire or a portion of the event is cancelled or changed for reasons such as but not limited to extreme weather, fire, poor air quality, landslide, revoked permits, protest, demonstrations, accidents, terrorist incidents, health emergencies or health decries, etc., no refunds will be processed to the participant.

Not completing the event

If circumstances where an individual is involved in an accident or mechanical that limits or completely hinders their ability to finish, no refunds will be processed to the participant.

Switching events

If for any reason you wish to transfer from the World Championships to RBC GranFondo Whistler, please contact [email protected].

The deadline for switching events is July 1st at 9 am PT. We do not refund any difference in registration fees.

Mixing events – World Champs & RBC GranFondo Whistler

You cannot mix events. For example, if you are registered for the UCI World Championships Road Race and Time Trial, you cannot switch from the Road Race to RBC GranFondo Whistler and still ride in the Time Trial.

Alta Classe

If you are registered for Alta Classe at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, you will be transferred to Alta Classe at RBC GranFondo Whistler.


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